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The company’s background begins in 1994 with the performance of contract construction works.

From the very first projects, the management relied on high professional training of specialists, conscientious work and the ability to flexibly respond to market changes and needs, the desire to constantly improve, using the experience of foreign partners in its work.

As a result, the company has been dynamically developing and doubled the volume of work every year, and the authority in the market was growing rapidly.

The main reference point of the company was the use of the latest technologies, the use of the latest samples of construction equipment, the highest level of organization and production culture. The company takes on the most complex facilities.

The MonArch Concern Holding was established.

The Concern includes independent organizations engaged in various areas: general contracting, monolithic construction, reconstruction using modern technologies and materials, provision of construction projects with concrete, mortars, formwork and scaffolding, preparation of WEPs, sale of finished facilities, etc.

All facilities of MonArch Concern were built with high quality and within the time limits 2-3 times less than the standard ones. The works were performed simultaneously on several dozen facilities. Many projects are the absolute winners of the Competition for the best implemented project in the field of investment and construction. After a while, the Concern was transformed into “MonArch” Group of Companies.

MonArch Concern is implementing a number of major construction projects

Moscow City Court, Ice Palace on Khodynskoye Pole; Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, headed by the famous pediatrician professor Leonid Roshal; a health and fitness center in Krylatskoye with a modern basketball center with stands for 5 thousand spectators.

“MonArch” Group of Companies begins construction of the multifunctional complex “MonArch-Center”.

In 2006 “MonArch” Group of Companies began construction of the multifunctional complex “MonArch-Center”. The complex includes a hotel, a shopping center and an A-class business center, which has become the main office for the employees of Monarch Group of Companies and many other companies since 2008.

At the same time, due to the growing number of projects being implemented, the Group starts its own brick production, and then creates a base for the design, manufacture and installation of translucent aluminum structures.

The company has set a record for the high-speed house-building

On November 9, 2007, the company set a record for the high-speed house-building, which entered the Russian book of records. A 24-story residential building with 161 apartments was built with a floor construction rate of 48 hours The area of one floor is 700 square meters, the height is 3 meters.

Implementation of its largest business-class facility - residential complex "Mosfilmovsky"

In 2012 “MonArch” Group of Companies began the implementation of its largest business-class facility - residential complex "Mosfilmovsky". And since 2013, it has entered the European market by implementing a project of a residential building in Germany, Berlin.

Entering the European market, implementing a project of a residential building in Germany, Berlin.

The company received the international environmental certificate BREEM


In 2014, the company received an international environmental certificate BREEM for the project “Building of the Organizing Committee of the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi”, which also became the winner of the contest "The best implemented project in the field of investment and construction in 2014”.

Start of construction of the residential complex “Khoroshevsky”
Opening of Irina Rodnina’s figure skating sports school “Ice Arena” in Yerevan.

Start of construction of the residential complex “City Park”

Opening of the following facilities:

a modern camp for the fighters of the Federal National Guard Troops Service, House of Russian Émigré Community named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn, which received the award “Best Implemented Project in the Field of Construction”, etc.

Opening of the first clinical diagnostic bldg. of the Moscow International Medical Cluster on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center.
Completion of the reconstruction of the complex of buildings of National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSEc) on Pokrovsky Boulevard, which includes 13 buildings.

Today, “MonArch” Group of Companies is actively developing, using advanced scientific and technical inventions in the field of construction in Russia and abroad. 

Serious and responsible attitude to its obligations ensured the high trust of the clients and partners to “MonArch” Group of Companies.

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