Residential Complex "Bogorodsky"

Moscow, Marshal Rokossovsky boulevard, estate 5-8
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Residential Complex “Bogorodsky” is located five minutes walk from metro station Podbelsky street, in the Eastern Administrative District on the Otkrytoye Shosse (intersection with Rokossovsky Boulevard). Residential complex “Bogorodsky” is a modern residential complex with a well-designed infrastructure. There are several schools and kindergartens within walking distance from the residential complex, and there is a proprietary kindergarten for 120 children on the territory. The complex is crossed by vertical landscaping, a promenade, flower beds are arranged. Playgrounds and sports grounds allow you to organize active rest for all generations in your family, and the dog walking area will greatly facilitate keeping your pet. Link to the facility page http://www.monarch-realty.ru/objects/34/about/

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