Buyer’s choice - residential complex "CITY PARK"
02 / 12 / 2019

On November 27, Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park hosted the main social event of the year - the annual Urban Awards for achievements in the real estate market, in which the residential complex "CITY PARK" won the “Buyer’s Choice” category.

According to the sales results for 2019, residential complex "CITY PARK" became the best-selling premium-class residential complex. "CITY PARK" was created for those who value time, feel the rhythm of the city and are meticulous about comfort. Terraced development of six "CITY PARK" buildings, exploited roofs, courtyards organized according to the principle of a private garden, provide residents of "CITY PARK" apartments with the opportunity to be closer to nature, while remaining in the city center.

More about the project: The Urban Awards is a multi-stage expert project that involves a comprehensive independent inspection of residential complexes. The organizing committee, in cooperation with the board of authoritative industry experts, is working to ensure that the average consumer of a development product is confident in its quality.

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