Outpatient Building of Hospital in Kommunarka Commissioned
10 / 01 / 2022

In early January, the hospital's outpatient building and the maternity center have been solemnly opened, being erected as part of construction phase 2 of a large healthcare cluster in the village of Kommunarka, New Moscow.

The ceremony was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, who noted that two-thirds of this hospital had already been built and put into operation. The construction process complies with international standards; the hospital in Kommunarka was recognized the most modern in Russia and gave an impulse to development of healthcare institutions in Moscow.

Located on the hospital complex‘s grounds, the outpatient building is designed to provide professional and timely healthcare services, diagnose and treat on an outpatient basis in the following fields: oncology, cardiology, therapy, endocrinology, surgery, traumatology, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurology, nephrology, psychotherapy, dentistry, and hemodialysis.

Healthcare services are provided within planned medical care for patients who come to see a doctor, during preventive measures, with non-life-threatening diseases and conditions that do not require urgent and emergency medical care, provided that a certain delay in the medical care does not entail a deterioration in the patient's condition, a threat to his or her life and health.

The following healthcare services will be offered in the building:

- first aid, including pre-hospital, medical, and specialized health care;

- diagnostics and treatment;

- rehabilitation.

The functional structure of the outpatient building includes the following departments:

- consultative and diagnostic department for 500 visits per shift;

- department of endoscopy; - bacteriological laboratory;

- hemodialysis department for 6 procedural beds with available 24/7;

- day hospital premises for 26 beds specializing in oncology, for chemotherapy;

- administrative and service premises.

The outpatient clinic is accommodated in a separate building of variable number of floors: 3 to 7 floors with a basement level. The building has a passage to the medical and diagnostic building located in the basement for technical and medical purposes and at the second-floor level for patients and healthcare personnel. The main flow of outpatient clinic patients will enter through the 1st floor and the passage at the 2nd floor from the Medical and Diagnostic Building.

The building is integrated into the hospital-wide pneumatic mail system for prompt transportation of blood samples, biomaterials, medicines, and documents between the ward, treatment and diagnostics, auxiliary, and pathoanatomical buildings that have already been put into operation, as well as the children's hospital and the radiation therapy building to be erected in the near future.

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