Participation of “MonArch” Group of Companies in the exhibition MIPIM 2015
23 / 03 / 2015

MIPIM is the largest annual international event in the field of investment and real estate, which has been held in France since 1990. The World Real Estate Forum brings together the world’s leading investors, builders and developers. Despite a significant decrease in the number of companies from Russia - in 2014 there were more than 1,000 - in the 26th International Exhibition, which took place on March 10-13 2015 in Cannes, the Russian delegation consisted of more than 250 companies, including “MonArch” Group of Companies.
This year, the exhibition program was focused on investment and innovation in real estate - on digital technologies. Special attention was paid to various architectural solutions of new projects. Among the projects presented by MonArch at the exhibition there were: - 37-story multifunctional complex in the heart of Berlin - Alexander A. Tower; - 2 projects for integrated development of territories in the suburbs of Berlin - Mazelake Park and Wendenschloss Strasse; - A new best-in-class project in Moscow - residential complex "Khoroshevsky", sales of which began in January 2015; - The project for the integrated development of territories in Yekaterinburg - “Central”, which is the first stage of the creation of a new satellite city “Istoksky” on the area of more than 40 square kilometers; - A comfort-class Residential complex in the Leningrad region “Severnaya Palitra” and other significant projects. The change in the format of participation and focus on the presentation of foreign projects of “MonArch” Group of Companies attracted the attention of a large number of foreign journalists. You can learn more about “MonArch” Group of Companies in the foreign press at links below:

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