Winning the “Best Implemented Construction Project” contest
12 / 08 / 2019

One of the most significant projects of “MonArch” Group of Companies - Technograd at VDNKh has earned the “Best Implemented Project in the Field of Construction” award in the category “Cultural and Educational Facilities” The Mayor of Moscow Sergei S. Sobyanin handed out awards to the winners in nominations. Moscow has acquired a special public space that has no analogues in Russia. Technograd is a unique leisure and educational complex for people of all ages. It is located on the territory of VDNKh and is the only supermarket of professions in the country. About 1,900 people can stay at the Technograd at one time. Over 500 thousand people are expected to visit it in 2019. The educational complex consists of 10 buildings designed for various purposes.
Here you can get skills in more than 40 professions in the following areas: industry, digital technologies, services for the population, urban infrastructure, creative industries, entrepreneurial skills. In total, the complex provides for more than 40 specially equipped direction-oriented workshops, 2960 units of professional equipment. It is similar to what is available in modern enterprises. For example, workshops are equipped with a cyber-physical factory, a layer-by-layer laser fusion unit with a 200-watt laser, a food 3D printer, a professional recording studio and other most advanced equipment. The best educational technologies that have been created in recent years both in Moscow and in other cities are collected here, filled with new meaning and content. Educational programs are developed based on the real requirements of employers. The complex allows you to study one of the selected specialties, attend professional retraining, improve qualifications, and also acquire basic entrepreneurial skills. The teaching personnel consists of employees of well-known Russian and foreign companies. Educational courses are supervised by partner companies that are ready to consider the possibility of enrolling successful graduates in their staff. In Technograd you can not only learn a new profession, but also spend time with benefit.
The complex provides excursions, master classes and other exciting activities. There are playgrounds and walking alleys in the complex. An English architect Nicholas Champkins took part in the development of the architectural concept. The complex consists of ten buildings, including five historic buildings. They have been renovated and adapted to the needs of the complex. The facades of the new buildings have been carefully designed taking into account the historical buildings. Each pavilion has its own color in harmony with the existing buildings. For the convenience of visitors, the buildings are connected by heated glass passages. The complex has been designed with multi-tiered energy efficient lighting. It can be turned on in stages depending on natural light and time of day.

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