Opening of the Gzhel Brick Factory
07 / 12 / 2012

On December 6, the Gzhel brick factory was put into operation in the Moscow region. The background of the company dates back to 1928. “MonArch” Group of Companies began the reconstruction of the plant in 2007 with the construction of a new building. The total volume of the reconstructed areas amounted to 16.4 thousand sq.m. More than 2 billion rubles were invested in the project, the expected payback period will be about 7 years. During the reconstruction, “MonArch” Group of Companies purchased and equipped the plant with equipment of the famous European machine-building company Bedeschi S.p.A., which has earned the trust and popularity among the world’s largest manufacturers of building ceramics. The choice of this equipment is not accidental. Its installation in production shops allows to achieve amazing performance: • All brick production lines are fully automated. • Correct product geometry is achieved due to the use of high precision cutting equipment. • For the maximum reduction of rejects, a modern press is used, which minimizes the appearance of any defects.
The Gzhel brick plant uses clay from the environmentally friendly Gzhel deposit, which has excellent physical and chemical characteristics, as a raw material for the production of ceramic stone. This is the best clay in the Moscow region. The deposit is located in the immediate vicinity of the plant, which allows for strict quality control at all stages of production, from the extraction of raw materials to the delivery of finished bricks to the warehouse. At the moment, the plant produces ceramic bricks and ceramic stone: • Single face hollow bricks 1 NF (250x120x65) grades 175 and 200. Colors: red, light brown, brown. • Face hollow bricks, thickened 1.4 NF (250x120x88) grades 175 and 200. Colors: red, light brown, brown. • Single solid face brick 1 NF (250x120x65) grade 300. Colors: red. • Ceramic porous stone 2.1 NF (250*120*138) grade 150 and 200. Color: red.

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