“Labor protection in Moscow-2012”
31 / 05 / 2012

Moscow is the capital of Russia, where, according to the census, there are 11,500,000 people (according to unofficial data, about 20,000,000 people), more than 150,000 organizations employ about 8,500,000 people of the working-age population. The market for Personal Protective Equipment in Moscow is the largest in the country. Our Concern, as a participant of the Labor Protection in Moscow 2012 exhibition, was given a unique opportunity to demonstrate the products we use to numerous visitors, the overwhelming majority of whom are heads and specialists of labor protection services and departments, logistics of the capital organizations. A citywide conference on labor protection was also held as part of the business program, attended by the head of the labor protection and safety service of the MonArch Concern Evgeny Petrovich Rafalyuk, who is directly related to the issues under consideration.

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