New technology in the construction of air terminal complexes
26 / 02 / 2010

In August 2009, Concern MonArch OJSC began to execute the State Contract for the reconstruction and expansion of the apron of the air terminal complex “Vnukovo-2” with the planned completion of works in August 2010. The Moscow City Government has set the task of completing the construction by the 65th anniversary of the Victory Day celebration and provide for the reception of numerous guests and foreign delegations at the airport. To accomplish this task, concreting of the apron for aircraft parking was carried out for the first time during the cold season. Similar works at such facilities were previously performed in the period from April 5 to November 5, i.e. during a period with a stable positive temperature. Performance of works in the winter period of the year made it possible to reduce the construction time by one and a half times, which will ensure the timely opening of the facility.
To accomplish this task, the engineers of MonArch Concern have developed a technology that allows, at negative outside temperatures, to provide a positive temperature at the place of laying the concrete mixture, as well as for the period of strength development of the freshly laid pavement. For heating the base before laying and subsequent placement of the concrete mixture, tent-type shelters were used, which consist of easily demountable aluminum elements covered with a tarpaulin, which makes it possible to change the size of the shelter to the required length of the grip in a short time. The required temperature mode in the shelter is created with the help of heat generators. After moving the shelter to a new place of laying, the positive temperature of the laid concrete is maintained by covering it with heating mats specially developed in the MonArch Concern, which are effectively used during winter concreting at other facilities of the Concern. Technological maps and a work execution plan have been developed for a new, unique technology. The proposed technology was approved by the design institutes “SoyuzdorNII” and “Aeroproject”. Based on the results of the agreement, the Moscow Department of Rostekhnadzor issued a decision on the possibility of using the method of winter concreting of aerodrome coatings at temperatures below -20°C.Taking into account the duration of the cold season from 5 to 9 months in most of the territory of Russia, the use of the described method can significantly reduce the construction time of such facilities, as well as remove the restriction on the performance of critical concrete works in regions with permafrost.

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