Start of construction of the Alexander Tower project in Berlin
29 / 11 / 2019

On November 27, a solemn ceremony of laying the capsule took place in honor of the start of construction of the Alexander Tower project in Berlin on the famous Alexanderplatz square, the first of a group of planned Alex towers. The opening of the construction site was attended by the Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, the Ambassador for Economic Affairs of the Embassy in Russia Andrei O. Sobolev and representatives of “MonArch” Group of Companies, which is the main investor of the project, General Director Sergei Alexandrovich Ambartsumyan and Project Manager Vanik Badeyan. The Alexander Tower will be completed by 2023 and will become the first residential skyscraper in the city center, its height will be 150 meters (35 floors), it will house premium apartments, office and retail space, a cinema, a fitness center with a swimming pool, underground parking, and the building will also be adjacent to the largest shopping center in Berlin - Alexa (Alexa Shopping Center). The total area of the project will be 42,000 sq.m.

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