The Moscow Planetarium has opened its doors to young construction professionals
28 / 03 / 2011

On Saturday, March 26, young professionals of the Moscow construction complex and MSUCE students visited the Moscow Planetarium on an excursion arranged by the Council of young professionals of the Moscow Construction Complex.The youth delegation were given a tour around the floors and halls of the building by Andrey Sidelnikov, Co-Chairman of the Moscow City Council of Young Scientists and Professionals, Chairman of the Young Professionals Board of the Moscow construction complex, and Denis Udaltsov, a young specialist of MonArch Concern OJSC - the general contractor of the project of reconstruction, restoration and comprehensive re-equipment of the Moscow Planetarium. The first item on the program was the inspection of underground parking lots with an area of 2 thousand meters each. The parking lots are equipped with a traffic control system, gas analyzers, a water fire extinguishing system and 3 escape stairs and gates that automatically close during a fire. To eliminate leaks, the floors were completely dismantled to the foundation slab, a new waterproofing project and a new floor structure with a self-leveling coating were developed.A special area will be provided for parking large sightseeing buses in front of the Planetarium.On the second and third floors, there was an opportunity to view the museum with interactive exhibits demonstrating the speed of sound propagation, the nature of jet propulsion, the change in human weight on different planets, and much more.Energy specialists told the young builders about the premises of the heating plant and the main switchboard hidden from future visitors, about how it was necessary to add new capacities to the building in the course of changing the reconstruction project and the appearance of new demonstration equipment.The tour ended on the roof of the building, where there are two observatories and an astronomical platform with a collection of sundials, a model of Stonehenge and other exhibits, so far sheltered from the weather.”The facility is very interesting, everyone has been talking about it for a long time, and some of those present and I were here in childhood, we have the best memories, everything now looks completely different, the architecture of the building has changed, everything is done using new technologies,” Andrey Sidelnikov shared his impressions with the “Stroitelny Mir” correspondent.I hope that when the Planetarium opens, we will visit this facility together again, just as ordinary visitors - it will be very interesting,” A. Sidelnikov concluded.Detailed report and photo report at

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