A large-scale project of the Monarch Group of Companies
31 / 05 / 2022

To date, the Monarch Group of Companies has chosen the path of multi-storey construction from super-large reinforced concrete modules. In one module, we can design and manufacture up to one or two ready-made apartments with different sizes and any layouts. Our task was to make modules for the customer, and not to place an apartment in a standard module. The selected factory technology allows you to make a module of any size to the maximum possible. Nevertheless, we are dealing with issues of wide typing of module sizes.

The module is a fully finished open-plan room with an area of up to 100 m2, with built-in utility networks. Starting from the receipt of various components and materials, until the release of the finished module, all stages of production undergo strict quality control. Rational unification of all types of construction works "under one roof", organized by a team of specialists in production, as well as standardization of work processes, all this together gives a quality guarantee from the manufacturer. Innovative technology allows you to produce ready-made apartments, which significantly reduces the construction time. A potential buyer can order an apartment of the desired area, choose the finish, including the choice of color solutions of the premises (ceramic tiles, wallpaper, laminate), and, if necessary, order built-in furniture.

Larger modules were also developed at the plant. The record holder was a module with an area of 117 m2 in dimensions of 18x6.5 m and a height of 3,474 meters, produced at the Monarch Group of Companies plant. Representatives of the Russian Book of Records recorded this achievement, recognizing it as unique.

The Technopolis Large-scale Housing Construction plant is a large-scale project of the Monarch Group of Companies, which is planned to be launched in 2023. Conveyor production of large-sized reinforced concrete "blocks" of a full cycle will be organized at the plant. Modules are assembled on special robotic lines. and then, like a designer, a whole house is built from them. The first stage of construction – the experimental plant is already 98% ready. Its official opening is scheduled for July 2022, despite the fact that experimental products are already being produced. The production capacity of the experimental plant provides for the production of four modules per day, with 95% readiness for engineering networks, facades and finishing. The total capacity of the plant is designed for 100,000 m2 of housing per year. To date, the experimental plant has released one module per day.

Also, a concrete mixing unit (BSU) for the production of its own concrete of class B70 is being launched on the territory of the plant in June, which will increase the capacity of the plant due to the rapid delivery of concrete through the concrete gallery to the production workshops.

The specialists of the Monarch Group have practically solved the issue of transporting modules to construction sites, and this is important. Initially, it was thought that it was difficult to transport large-sized modules, due to the need to occupy 2 lanes of the roadway, but transportation at night, accompanied, turned out to be quite a successful and fairly quick solution. Moreover, transportation at night helps to improve the traffic of the transport infrastructure and significantly reduces the number of vehicles delivering building materials to the facility, usually during the daytime.

GC "Monarch" has purchased lifting machines, which are located at the plant, for the assembly of houses from large-sized modules. One type of crane, with a lifting capacity of 650 tons on a pneumatic tube, can mount buildings up to 8 floors, and the second type, with a lifting capacity of 800 tons, will erect buildings up to 20 floors.

Today, the control assembly of the first experimental seven-storey two-section house is being carried out on the territory of the plant, which allows us to take into account and correct all possible errors in design and production. At the same time, a lot of work is being done to reduce the material consumption of the module and reduce the overall weight of the structures.

Currently, the main plant is under active design and construction. On the conveyor robotic lines of the plant, modules will be produced according to the clock estimated time every 43 minutes, i.e. 20 ready-made modules per day, in addition, blocks of stair and elevator nodes. In the second stage of the construction of the combine, it is planned to erect a two-storey building of the main building of the combine. The main production of reinforced concrete modules will be located on the first floor of the building. On the second floor, the accompanying reinforcement production with the installation of vertical conveyors will be organized. From the second floor to the first, all frames, embedded parts, grids for the manufacture of flat and three-dimensional elements, as well as previously manufactured plumbing cabins, inter-apartment partitions, doors, windows and facades will be supplied. All that remains to be done on the construction site is to mount all the modules and connect the vertical engineering networks. The planned speed of construction of buildings on the construction site, up to three floors of the ready-made housing section per day. To this day, such modern technologies and construction rates do not exist in Russia and in the world.

Monarch Group expresses its gratitude to the government of Moscow and local authorities for their help, support and interest in the construction of the plant. With the implementation of this project, it will be possible not only to solve the increase in construction volumes, but also to create 2.5 thousand additional jobs.

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