MonArch Concern completed the reconstruction of the HSEc complex of buildings on Pokrovsky Boulevard and presented it for acceptance to the governmental customer
26 / 02 / 2019

The complex includes 13 buildings, including the famous Durasov House - an object of cultural heritage of federal significance. All construction works have already been fully completed, the object is being accepted by the governmental customer. The complex of buildings, which has been at the disposal of the HSEc since the 2000s, included educational buildings, a cultural center and a dormitory for students. Before HSEc, these buildings belonged to the V.I. Kuibyshev Military Engineering Academy, were rebuilt many times and were little adapted to the needs of a modern university. When entering into the reconstruction of the entire complex, it was supposed to double the usable area of the buildings, practically without going beyond their historical volumes, and also to return the Durasov House to the look it had at the end of the 18th century. The complex was under reconstruction during 6 years. As a result, nine previously existing buildings were reconstructed and restored and four new buildings were built, an underground parking and an atrium appeared, which allows you to move from one building to another without worrying about the weather. The building of the Cultural Center has been renovated, which will again host concerts and theatrical performances. According to the first vice-rector of the Higher School of Economics, Alexander Shamrin, the university, together with the MonArch Concern, implemented an ambitious project, since reconstruction is always much more difficult than construction, and in this case, the house has undergone changes so many times in its history that it was twice as difficult to restore it. There were design elements from the 18th and 19th centuries, it was necessary to come to a result that would unite and harmonize different milestones in the life of the house. Constructive cooperation with the Higher School of Economics in the course of performing all works on the restoration of the building made it possible to completely restore the historical appearance of the Durasov House both in terms of facades with bas-reliefs and interior decoration, as a result, all works were accepted by a commission from the Department of Cultural Heritage of the city of Moscow without any comments. Alexander Shamrin also noted that: “HSEc is a young university, we are not yet accustomed to historical vaults, Durasov’s house will be the first such building for the campus. We hope that both the facade and the interiors of the mansion will become the symbols of the Higher School of Economics.” After the building is put into operation, the faculties of economic sciences, ICEF, world economy and world politics, as well as the administrative and managerial block of the university, which is now located at Myasnitskaya, 20, will move to Pokrovsky Boulevard. The total area of the complex will be 102 sq. m.

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