MonArch Group of Companies has set a Russian record in the area of large-sized modules production.
10 / 08 / 2021

“Technopolis of Modular House-building” Plant is a major project of MonArch Group of Companies which provides for the full-cycle conveyor production of large-sized reinforced concrete module. The advanced technology allows to produce ready-made apartments, thereby significantly reducing the construction period.

A potential buyer can order himself a home with an area of up to 100 square meters and choose its future decoration, down to the color of tiles, walls and the built-in furniture required. Such blocks are assembled on special robotic lines, and then a whole building is made of them, like a construction set.

The record holder is a module with an area of 117 square meters, dimensions: 18 х 6.5 m, height: 3.474 meters, produced at a MonArch Group of Companies Plant. Representatives of the Russian Book of Records have recorded this achievement, recognizing it as a unique one.

Our manufacturing plant guarantees quality as a result of strict quality control, from the receipt of materials and various components to the release of a finished module, the rational integration of all types of construction works “under the same roof” arranged by a team of specialists in production, and work processes standartization.

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