The Federal Treasury will soon celebrate a housewarming party on Ilyinka
28 / 02 / 2011

In the center of Moscow, the reconstruction of the building, where the central office of the Treasury of the Russian Federation will be located, is coming to an end. The Council of young professionals of the Moscow Construction Complex organized a tour for MSUCE novice builders and students to this historic facility. On Saturday, February 26, students of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE) and young employees of leading construction companies visited the building of the Treasury of the Russian Federation, which is being reconstructed by MonArch Concern. The former tenement house of the Joseph-Volokolamsk courtyard, located at the corner of Ilyinka and Birzhevaya Square, is one of the most valuable urban-forming objects. It was built in 1882-1891 by one of the masters of late eclecticism - the Moscow architect Alexander Stepanovich Kaminsky, who designed dozens of private and public buildings in Moscow, including the Tretyakov Gallery and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery of the Moscow Diocese.Reconstruction of a landmark facility of such level requires a special individual approach and high responsibility during the works performance. Young professionals got the opportunity to get acquainted with modern technologies used by MonArch Concern. Andrey Sidelnikov, the Chairman of the Council of young professionals of the Moscow Construction Complex, explained to the audience that the purpose of that tour was to show students and young civil engineers the system of reconstruction of the historic building. It is important that such events allow them to see with their own eyes the application of unique construction technologies, studied so far only in theory.In the course of construction works on all floors, starting from the first one, the floor slab panels in the building were replaced with modern corrugated boarding with permanent formwork. On the recommendation of the design organization, cracks were injected in all walls to strengthen the old brickwork. Engineering equipment was demonstrated to the excursionists - elevator shafts, an individual heating station, a server room, an automatic fire extinguishing system. The highlight of the renovated building is the atrium covered with a glass dome, in which a winter garden will be located on the ground floor level

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